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I empower your business for market leadership with brand strategy, driving revenue growth through superior online presence and conversion optimization.

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Dive deeper into how strategic brand development and design innovation can redefine your business’s narrative and market position.

Meet Eduardo Alfaro

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Driven by a passion for excellence, I have years of design expertise and deliver impactful brand solutions.

I’m Eduardo Alfaro, a highly experienced Brand Strategist with over 20 years of marketing and design expertise.

At, my Spanish agency specializes in branding, web design, social media growth, and high-ticket sales funnels.

Through, my personal brand, I help businesses enhance their online presence and attract new clients.

I manage successful businesses like, my English agency, and, serving clients from 15+ countries.

I’m the Brand Manager & Partner at

With a focus on sales funnels and brand strategies, I’ve helped numerous companies achieve tangible results. I’m also involved in Web 3 and Blockchain Technologies and ready to help you scale your digital services and reach your goals.

Tailored Solutions: Strategy Meets Creativity


Bringing strategic smarts and creative magic together to give brands the spotlight they deserve

Brand Strategy

Unlock your brand's potential: Dive into customized strategies in sessions with me, Edu, crafting a visionary plan for impactful growth.

1 On 1 Mentoring

Gain full access to me with weekly calls in our 1-on-1 Mentoring, plus my team's support to execute the comprehensive plan we craft for your brand's growth.

Design Services

Transform your vision with Our team delivers standout design from logos to websites, elevating your brand.
Our Impact in Action

Featured projects

Brand Strategy + Web Design + Social Media Growth

Brand Strategy + Web Design + 1 on 1 Mentoring


Brand Strategy + Web Design + 1 on 1 Mentoring


Brand Strategy + Web Design + Social Media Growth + High Ticket Funnel

Trusted by professionals

What my clients say

Selected client testimonials from ongoing collaborations.

Taylor E.
Taylor E.Digital Marketing Firm CEO
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Partnering with Edu transformed our vision into a powerful brand identity. His strategic insight and design acumen are unmatched. Truly a pivotal moment for our business's growth.
Jordan B
Jordan BSaaS Startup Founder
Read More
Edu's brand strategy sessions were enlightening. He navigated us through complex challenges with ease, resulting in a brand story that captivates our audience every time.
Sam K.
Sam K.Online Retailer
Read More
The BeskarDesign team’s work on our branding and website was revolutionary. Their ability to distill our ideas into a visually stunning experience has set us apart in a crowded market.
Priya G.
Priya G.Health & Fitness Brand Owner
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Edu's mentoring offered personalized, actionable strategies that directly impacted our bottom line. His expertise in brand positioning is invaluable for any growing company.
Alex D.
Alex D.Eco-Friendly Products Manufacturer
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Choosing Edu and his team for our rebranding was the best decision we made. They delivered a cohesive brand strategy that speaks to our core values and attracts the right customers.
Leslie T.
Leslie T.Luxury Home Goods Retailer
Read More
Edu and the BeskarDesign team brought our brand to life with creativity and precision. Their strategic approach to design has been instrumental in our market success.

My Process

How it works

Streamlined steps to success, tailored just for you.

Step 1

Initial Consultation: We start with a deep dive into your brand’s vision, goals, and challenges, ensuring we understand the core of what you aim to achieve.

Step 2

Strategic Planning: Based on our consultation, I develop a customized brand strategy that aligns with your business objectives and sets the foundation for your brand's growth.

Step 3

Design & Development: My team and I translate the strategic blueprint into compelling designs, from logos to websites, ensuring every element resonates with your target audience.

Item 4

Review & Refine: We present our work to you, gather feedback, and refine details, ensuring the final output perfectly matches your vision and exceeds expectations.

Item 5

Launch & Support: With your approval, we launch your new brand elements to the world. But our journey doesn’t end here; we provide ongoing support to ensure your brand continues to thrive.

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